Faith and Freedom

'...helping the Church break the chains of domestic abuse'

Our History

Faith and Freedom originated in Thurrock in January 2009 at a training event for the Freedom Programme, a domestic abuse education programme.  Six of the thirty people at the training were members of different Faith Based Organisations.

Throughout the training; each person came to the conclusion that domestic abuse awareness needed to be integrated into all Faith Groups and the specific issues for those suffering from domestic abuse within a Faith context needed to be addressed.

One of these six people was Natalie Collins.  The conclusions these people came to were a catalyst for Natalie to develop Faith and Freedom.  Thurrock Council funded the project as a multi-faith project from February 2009.


However in September 2009 Natalie felt it was impossible for to offer the same standard of service to all Faith Groups and therefore stepped down from recieving funding in order to concentrate on providing support in tackling domestic abuse related issues specifically for the Christian Church.

Faith and Freedom is now funded by donations.  In October 2009 Natalie became involved with supporting Tearfund in developing an alliance of Christians ending violence against women.  This alliance was launched in June 2010 and is called Restored.

Part of Restored's remit is to develop resources and enable the Church to become and answer to those experiencing dometic and sexual abuse.  Natalie is now the Development Officer for Restored, supporting the development of Restored.  Due to Restored's remit, in July 2010 Faith and Freedom changed it's remit to
enabling Churches, their leadership and their members to tackle domestic abuse by offering both telephone and email support regarding domestic abuse issues to those who are working with people who are experiencing domestic abuse.