Faith and Freedom

'...helping the Church break the chains of domestic abuse'

What is domestic abuse?

Commonly known as domestic violence, it is not only a man hitting his wife, it is a pattern of controlling and/or aggressive behaviours from one adult, towards another,  within the context of an intimate relationship.  The violence and abuse can be actual or threatened and can happen once, every so often or on a regular basis.


Statistically 95% of the victims of domestic abuse are women.  45% of women and 26% of men have experienced at least one incident of inter-personal violence in thier lifetimes - however when there were more than four incidents (i.e. ongoing domestic or sexual abuse) 89% victims were women.


It is clear from the above statistics that victims of domestic abuse are almost always women.  Although Faith and Freedom recognises that men can be victims of domestic abuse, it acknowledges that women are in most cases the victims, rather than the perpetratirs of domestic abuse.  Therefore we consider victims of domestic abuse to be female.


In the UK 1 in 4 women will suffer abuse at the hands of

a violent partner or former partner at some point in their life


Every 6 seconds a woman in the UK is attacked in her

own home by a violent partner or former partner


Every 3 days a woman is killed in the UK by a violent

partner or former partner


On average a woman who is a victim of domestic violence is

assaulted 35 times before she seeks help